The Buried Moon

"Georgina Hellier as Miranda brings a gentleness to the role that’s hard not to adore, and in the very short moments where she sings, it’s as if everything else in the world has paused." (Greg Stewart, Theatre Weekly)

"Hellier brings a real sense of pain to her speeches about her dead mother and hermit-like father. Her voice is clear and strong, with a burnished tone that warms and excites. She is a real discovery." (Stephen Collins, Live Theatre UK)

Love's Labour's Lost

"A delightful staging of Shakespeare's company... sharply paced, very funny" (Dominic Cavendish, The Telegraph)

A Little Night Music

"The stand-out performance of the production does come, as it should, from Georgina Hellier as Desiree. She has a poise and presence far beyond her years... she presents a strong and engaging interpretation of the character." (Simon Tavener, What's On Stage)

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"Hellier’s engaging performance which was an excellent example of witty and sarcastic charm" (O.Hubbard, The Oxford Culture Review) 

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"The real star of the nineteenth-century pieces, unexpectedly, was not the lightly-performed Thomasina – based on Ada Lovelace, Byron’s mathematical genius daughter – but her mother Lady Croom, played with such pointed aristocratic panache by Georgina Hellier that she left half her on-stage compatriots behind." (Jennifer R. Thorp, BSECS)

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Angels in America

"Georgina Hellier switches between her four roles with expert differentiation and skill." (Kezia Lock; The Cherwell)

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"Splendid: Georgina Hellier" (Giles Woodforde, The Oxford Times

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"But above all, Georgina Hellier as Roxie was just stunning. She oozed sex appeal in a subtle and understated way, whilst at the same time managing to bring out Roxie’s vulnerable side very sensitively. She was captivating to watch and continually demanded the audience’s attention. If anyone stole the show, it was her." (Stephen Hyde; Oxford Theatre Review)

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"If you forced me to pick a stand out performance, it would be close, but I would have to go with Hellier's; she gives a showing that is unbelievably nuanced, able to communicate an immense range of emotion and feeling with a single word." (JY Hoh; Oxford Theatre Review)

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Twelfth Night

"This famous scene is well managed, as is his earlier gulling over ‘Olivia’s’ letter by the outraged Sir Toby Belch (Andrew Laithwaite), the foppish Sir Andrew Aguecheek (Peter Huhne) and a raunchily alluring Maria (Georgina Hellier)." (Christopher Gray; Oxford Times)

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